A living, enduring and inspiring tribute to Ireland’s diaspora across the planet:

a)  To signify the great place that those sons and daughters of Ireland and their descendants have in our hearts.
b)  This tribute to be created through sponsorship of space in the redwood forest grove in the names of Irish people abroad and/or their relatives living in Ireland.
c)  Offer the opportunity to honour and remember family and friends who have gone before us, but who will live on in these Giant Redwood trees.
d)  Create a tangible and lasting link between diaspora lives across the globe with redwood trees and family roots in Ireland.


Quote from a tree sponsor:

“I immediately saw this as a way to create an  enduring “umbilical link” for all their lifetimes which would ‘draw’ them back each year as proud Irish!” The McComish family, California, USA.

To sponsor a Giant, learn more on our Sponsor a Giant page, or contact us at info@giantsgrove.ie 

A chance through sponsoring a Giant to connect with family far away”