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Sponsorship is still open…

Through sponsoring a redwood in Giants Grove you will:

  • Create a living, growing link between you and the person to whom the redwood is dedicated, one that will last for many generations.
  • Provide a living, breathing giant redwood to celebrate a birth, wedding, anniversary and other family occasion.
  • Help to create, to all of Ireland’s sons and daughters and their families, a national tribute of global significance that will symbolise the giant and lasting place that they have in this nation’s heart.
  • Help to create a grove of future refuge for the redwoods as insurance for these two magnificent tree species against the threats of climate change to them in their present coastal and mountain homes.
  • Contribute to the cleaning and greening of Ireland’s air and climate by these long-lived trees.
  • Allow you and your family to become part of Giants Grove, a place you can visit and value.
  • Create a bond between our diaspora and their roots in Ireland, redwood and family roots, now and into the future.
  • Add your name to the growing number of people in the Giants Grove Book of Honour as redwood sponsors.

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